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Fence Gate Locks Services

We provide all types of fence gate locks services including repair, replacement, and installation

Fence Gate Locks Service Repairs By A Pro Locksmith

  • Forgot your gate lock combination?
  • Is your gate lock rusting up or opening too slowly?
  • Did Houston actually freeze over and your gate broke?

Help is always near you in Houston with Alamo Key & Lock because for over 35 years, we’ve been delivering exceptional services for Fence & Gate Locks service in Houston and Surrounding areas, including Spring, Katy, Cypress, and Humble.

fence gate locks service

Fence Gate Locks & Repair Services

Alamo Key & Lock can address any need you may have for your fence or gate locks. Our licensed locksmiths work with all kinds of setups, from single-unit homes to multi-story condos, from large ranches to private businesses. Call us today to consult about your gate lock needs.

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There are two main kinds of gate locks that Alamo Key & Lock and most other locksmiths install: solenoid locks and electromagnetic locks, or MagLock locks. Each lock works in a different way. Solenoid locks have a control board and a long length of wire that attaches to a master gate opener device. An electromagnetic gate lock, on the other hand, works entirely differently. An armature plate is connected to the gate door, and the magnet attaches to the frame. Electricity energizes the magnet, keeping the metal armature plate shut tightly against it.

Of course, another simpler option for an outdoor fence and gate is a padlock. A padlock usually has a simple thick hook that attaches around a metal chain, which loops around the gate doors or the gate and the frame.


Since there are several types of gate locks to secure a fence, it depends on which type you’re referring to. There are three types of gate locks: padlocked, solenoid locks, and electromagnetic locks.


In Houston, the problem of outdoor locks on gates freezing isn’t as big of a problem as in other areas of Texas. The only reason a gate lock would freeze is if water got it. Prevent water from getting on your outdoor locks by wrapping them, preventing dew, rain, and other moisture from getting in. Since it hardly freezes in Houston, you’ll only need to do this one or two nights out of the year.


Gate locks can fail for a number of reasons and may need to be re-installed or repaired.

  • Thieves or robbers may have broken them to force entry
  • The lock can freeze in icy wet weather, damaging the circuitry of an electric lock.
  • Over years of regular use, the parts inside the gate lock wear down until they become too loose to function.
  • Sediment, rust, and other debris can get inside the lock parts, eroding the precision pieces from the inside.

As with any outdoor equipment, regular maintenance ensures the gate lock will last longer. Call Alamo Key & Lock to schedule an inspection today! Call (713) 688-3887


Since many gate locks use keycode programming, it’s wise to consider your accessibility control master plan. If you have guests, maids, family members, and friends all coming and going to a single residency, there are a lot of people who might have your keycode. Changing the keycode regularly is a wise plan, and yet that too can lead to headaches, since you or others might forget the keycode combination. Work with a master locksmith to develop a keycode plan for your gate lock system.

Repair and Installation Service for your Fence and gate locks are just a call away! Call Alamo Key and Lock Today!

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