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Cabinet Locks & Services

Alamo Key & Lock provides Cabinet locks Services since 1982. Licensed & friendly locksmiths.  Unlocking, rekeying, and duplicating keys made easy!

All Types Of Cabinet Locks In Houston

Cabinet and Desk Locks prevent intruders from stealing private documents and merchandise. Alamo Key & Lock has helped frustrated business owners who discovered their private file systems scattered and ransacked by thieves. Often, these criminals saw an unsecured cabinet or desk and knew it would be easy to break in.

Besides business owners, most medical professionals such as psychiatrists and pharmacists must keep their patient’s documents secure as well.

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There are several kinds of cabinet locks in Houston.


  • Keyed-cabinet locks use a key and pin tumbler cylinder lock. Like a doorknob lock or other standard door lock, the smaller version pin tumbler cabinet lock has small pins. around a spindle. When the pins line up around the spindle, the mechanism locks or unlocks. The more pins the tumbler has, the more secure the lock is. Because it’s more challenging for thieves to pick the lock with more pins, we recommend high-pin count locks. Alamo Key & Lock sells and installs all kinds of tumbler cabinet locks in Houston.
There Are Two Kinds Of Keyed-Cabinet Locks:
  1. Morticed-cabinet locks have a cylinder with small threads that turn the device into the lock hardware that’s installed on the door.
  2. Rim-cabinet locks have a smooth cylindrical housing and fit into the mounting hardware using a long metal leg at the back end of the cylinder. They can then be screwed in. In fact, rim cabinet locks are usually more secure because of those additional mounting screws.


  • Keyless cabinet locks use electric keypads to open and lock the small file cabinet doors. Like their larger cousins on standard doors gates and security safes, these cabinet electric keypads use a combination program. The benefits of using them are higher security. Why? Because they’re difficult to break or pick. Plus, you get access control since you can choose who has the key code combination. Sometimes you may want to give the code to a manager. And later, take that control away when the manager leaves the company.

Pro Locksmith Tip: Be sure to listen for the beeping warning of a dying battery on keyless keypad cabinet locks. If the battery dies, you may need to break the lock to get the cabinet open. That would be a waste of a good cabinet.

  • combination and padlocks are two additional kinds of add and remove locks that you can use on your cabinets. However, Alamo Key & Lock doesn’t find them as secure as hardware-mounted locks. Combination locks have a latch that fits around a clasp mounted on the cabinet door. Only the right combination will release the latch. A padlock does require a key but also uses a latch to secure itself to the clasps on the cabinet door, preventing it from opening.


Alamo Key & Locks commercial customers need cabinet locks in Houston because they secure important documents and merchandise. A step away from a security safe, a cabinet lock protects valuable documents. These documents can be bank records, customer records, medical records, inspection and security documents, and other private files that should only be accessed by certain individuals. Without locks on your private cabinets, your documents are unsecured. Anyone can walk in and grab a file.

Unsecured file cabinets are especially dangerous for pharmacies and other medical dispensaries, who should keep patient records and drugs in a secured cabinet storage system. Houston cabinet locks are like others around the country. So if you’re in a neighborhood prone to crime, it’s even more important to secure your cabinets.

Another reason is for showcase displays. Cabinet locks on glass cabinets are extremely important. Otherwise, a thief can simply open the door and take whatever you have on display. What a waste that would be.


The benefit of cabinet locks is obvious: security for your private documents and files that are being stored. Like access control systems, keyed and keyless cabinet locks let you decide who gets to enter. Thus, your store manager can have keys to all the locks. And meanwhile, regular employees none or only to some important files. You can also talk to us about master key system consultations, which licensed locksmiths create for all kinds of businesses. One key to rule them all, so to speak.

Sometimes a disgruntled employee can break into a cabinet and steal files. Or a customer saw an unsecured cabinet lying open. Another scenario: a passerby sees jewelry in a window case. Cabinet locks would deter these would-be criminals. A simple lock can eat up a thieves time. Meanwhile, police are on their way. There’s less fear for management. And customers feel safer about their files and belongings too.

Remember though, locked cabinets are not secured safes. A safe provides more security than a cabinet, hands down. In case of fire, many safes are fireproofed withstands hot fires for hours. And it takes a lot more know how for a thief to crack a safe, than pick a cabinet lock. No cabinet lock will be better than a safe. For this reason, think about installing a safe for cash, checks, and jewelry. In addition, safes can be placed inside walls and in the floor concrete. It’s best to think about adding a safe while the commercial building is being built.

Cabinet Locks


If you wish to find out more about the Commercial Houston Locksmith Services that we offer, call us! You’ll always reach a human and we never use call centers. We’ve been in business since 1982. Alamo Key & Lock supports Houston’s safety and community. Our store has been operating for over 35 years. Our locksmiths travel to you to get the job done. And there are no hidden fees or scams. Unlike rogue locksmiths, we price fairly and honestly. Check out our locksmith blog to see behind the scenes of Alamo Key & Lock.  Plus, our mobile trucks are fully stocked with cabinet locking supplies.

Our licensed commercial Houston locksmiths can repair and install cabinet locks in under an hour. And we will always come to your commercial site to do the work.


Alamo Key and Lock has Locksmiths in Houston TX are fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured to make sure we provide quality craftsmanship and excellent customer service when it comes to your Cabinet Locks Locksmith needs. Call 713-688-3887

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